Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a lesson about quitting

we signed jakey up for t-ball this season. not really because we cared for him to be good at a sport or even cared if it was tball, soccer, basketball, etc.
we signed him up because we wanted him to be part of something, have fun, try something new and listen to others. we've been having a lot of problems with him and the phrase "i can't do it". our son was becoming more and more of a quitter before even starting something.

"jake do you want to color?" "NO, i don't know how to, I can't"

"jakey, can you put your shoes on?" "NO, i can't"

so, we signed him up and we immediately heared "I can't!, I don't know how to play baseball"

first practise was tough... he screamed and screamed. seriously it was VERY embarrassing, but i wanted him to stick with it. he tried catching the ball a few times... couldn't, screamed, threw his baseball glove down and quit. quitting was not an option.

i asked him to sit, calm down, and watch the other kids play. a few minutes later he was ready for another try.


he LOVED it! seriously, he totally enjoyed it. he ran after the ball from third base to first, he hit the ball, really really tried hard. and that's all i wanted!

he came home and asked scot

"did you hear me on the radio play?"

(scot always listens to baseball games on the radio)

last weekend was opening day parade and his first game.

YES i was very nervous for him to throw a fit again but no he surprised us again and had so much fun.

our number 7

picking out a bat



running to first base

and of course talking and talking to the other team

on second base

running home

end of the game

enjoying his well deserved snack at the end

and Fin Fin watching from the side... he turned 6 months that day

we couldn't be more proud of our Jakey. he did soooo well and most of all didn't quit. he is looking forward to next weeks game and so are we!


  1. I'm so proud of Jakey and happy to have the most wonderful grandchildren of the world!
    Love you all

  2. Aw~ I'm glad you didn't let him quit, even when it got embarrassing!

  3. Way to go Jakey!! Great pictures Sonja!