Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what a great trip

sunday we headed to chicago. my dad, the kids and i.

jake woke up yesterday after the driving home the day before, he looked at me and said "that was a great trip"

yes it was.

we saw so much, had so much fun, spend a lot of time together, had a lot of firsts... just a great trip.

i know it is obvious and every mom thinks that but

i am really in love with my children

they have been sooo great and so much fun to be with

thank you opa for taking us

a few of my favorite:

we crossed a big intersection in chicago, jake looks up to me and says "why did the chicken cross the street?" i didn't care what the punch line was, it was just so hillarious at that moment

finn watching jake jump from bed to bed in the hotel room, with a big smile on his first, drool out of his mouth, watching every beat his brother does.









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  1. Sonja, I'm in love with all of these pictures, especially the first one, just beautiful!

    Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time in Chicago!