Thursday, May 28, 2009

no title - I am late to watch the spelling bee ;)

I finally dumped the 500+ pictures from my little point and shoot on the computer and found a few gems.

Thought I would share them with you

My Dad and us on our annual Christmas walk! Every year between Christmas and new year we go hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Everywhere year we have someone else with us and every year we take the obligatory group pictures.

LOVE this pic of Pauli saying "HI" to his little buddy in my belly!

Jakey got a new trampoline!!! He loves it and I love taking naps on it ;)

I am also 20 weeks today! Half way mark! The end is soooo close but still so far away.

I feel relatively good. Morning Sickness has kicked back in and obviously I am starting to feel more and more uncomfortable. I had a really though time today getting off Jakeys top bunk bed. lol maybe I should stay off things like that.

I bought a baby name book and seriously read that thing from a-z... still no name. Ideas yes, but nothing concrete!

Well the spelling bee is on I got to run ;)

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