Wednesday, May 27, 2009

He will be a great big brother!

Baby #2 is a BOY!

It's a boy

We are super excited - especially Jakey! Scot is going to have another little boy and can stop worrying about wiping a girl... hahaha YES that's what he actually was worried about.

I am happy... because that means we will try for #3

The baby is healthy, happy and strong!

He kept us entertained by waving to us and making little kissies (ok he was sucking). He actually had both of his arms behind his head... just chillin'!

Now we need to come up with a good name. Any suggestions?

And what did we do to celebrate?


We went to the Reds game! OMG we had soooo much fun... singing and dancing with Jakey in the stands. Can't wait to add another little Reds fan to the family!

Can't wait to meet you little boy!

See it for yourself. I think Jakey will be a great BIG brother! Here is singing to baby Pauli. Yes he singing over and over "on a tree top", but look how he is pretending to craddle the baby... ok yes the baby probably would have shaken baby syndrome from that. LOL still cute!

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  1. It's def. a BOY! :) Yay! I'm so excited Ryan will have a little boy to play with his age! :) As far as names go....yeah, we totally clash with names! So I won't even try! I'll let you borrow my baby book! ;)