Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Jakey

you are 4!!!

I can't believe you are such a big boy now. One who likes to pour his own OJ and climbs on the counter to help himself to a few cupcakes.

I took you yesterday to the Dentist and he said "wow with this one you have a laugh a minute!" so true! You are just so funny and even if I get mad at you I have to hold back a giggle.

You are such a sweet boy and always have been our social butterfly. At the dentist office you walked behind the receptionist desk and gave her a hug and told her that you missed her so much and that she looks really pretty today. Later you asked the assistant is she wanted to come to your home and play.

One of the things we love most about you is your loyalty to your friends - especially Benjamin. So many time you will get a treat, a cookie or candy and you will tell us that you will keep it and share it with your friend. You tell everyone (even strangers at Wal-mart) that your best friend in the whole WILD world is Benjamin. And Benjamin is the strongest and funniest little boy.

You have always had a great love for animals and I am really curious to see how that will play out in your future. But you have a "special touch" for your four legged friends. You cry when I send the cats out to pee and I have caught you many times in the pantry feeding the animals "just a little bit more".

You have done great in preschool. You have made new friends and even a little girl friend. Last night we layed in bed and you told me how pretty her hair is. I think we are going to have her over soon for a play date. But school is your thing... you have learned so much and the other day surprised me that you know how to write your name.

I am really looking forward to this next year with you. The last summer we spend just you and me, before the baby comes. But I promise we will have so much fun and I know you are pretty excited about your new little brother or sister. "Mommy the baby will come in 2 minutes right?"

Love you and you are my best friend in the whole wild world!



  1. too cute! Outgoing kids are the best!

    Show us his handwriting! :-)

  2. you're gonna make me cry! That is the sweetest letter... thank you for sharing it with us all! Enjoy your last summer with just him! I can't believe our Jakey is gonna be a big brother... and what an awesome one he is gonna be! Soooo happy for your family!!! XOXO