Thursday, March 5, 2009

Excuse me have you seen my brain?

It seems like the extra progesterone and hormones have swallowed my brain.

I have always been someone who lives in cloud nine and daydreams. Many times Scot has found me starring of in space or better at people... My first grade teacher always told my parents that I lived in a world of my own. I just zone out and imagine... imagine things that I want to do, things I should have done, or things that I did.

But being pregnant brings this to a whole different level!

Pregnant with Jakey I almost electrocuted myself dreaming while dry blowing my hair, reaching to the faucet and turning the water on to brush my teeth at the same time. Don't try this at home. It doesn't feel good.

Now I am finding myself more and more having to pull over to the side of the road and thinking "Where the heck am I going?"
I loose things. My cell phone is right now in a safe spot... so safe it is safe from me.
I left my bathing suit at the pool. I mean who does that?
I forgot Jakey's Speech class, even though I passed the place to drop Scot off.
I forgot other major appointments. I forgot the bags at the grocery store.
I forgot where I parked my car or where I put the keys... in MY pocket they might be???

This is scary! But at least now I have an excuse.
Pregnancy Brain!
And after that I can put it off to baby brain.
And after that toddler brains.

Yeah for Mommy Brains!


  1. It is baaaaad. Nothing like it!

  2. So what is my excuse? I have lost an ipod, my keys and my wallet this week alone...

  3. I know the feeling!!! There is nothing worse than pregnancy brain, I swear after each of mine I have lost a little brain somewhere along the way!!!