Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear People on Craigslist

my patience with you is coming to an end.

Please don't tell me you are on your way to my house and you will be here in 10 minutes to pick an item up and 4 days later I am still waiting for your arrival.
Please don't ask me a gazillion question in 15 e mails and then magically I never hear from you again.
Please don't tell me over the phone you will call me right back to schedule a photo session and I am still waiting... Remember you called me about scheduling first.
Please don't come to my house and ask to buy items that have NOT been listed.
Please don't offer me a fraction of what I am asking. If I say $200 I don't mean $50.
Please think before you write.
Please don't give me a sappy story about you buying our kitchen table for a poor old lady and a week later I find it in an Antique Store for 10 times as much.
Please don't ask me to do your wedding for $100 and a free high resolution CD with all your images. And then turn around and tell me you spend your budget already on 10 ice sculptures.

Thank you.


  1. Oh no! has all this really happened to you?!?

    I love reading the posts on craigslist! http://www.erikajean.com/2008/07/red-neck-child-care-no-joke.html

  2. YES! There have been a few success stories but they are rare.

  3. Shaun can blow a fuse when he is dealing with Craig's list people. I try to avoid that whole group of people, because I think I would get too nasty. Good luck.

  4. How about babysitting for free? Wanna do that? Just kidding. Hope you are feeling well...or not...

  5. We don't even really have a Craigslitst in my area. Thank goodness, lol. Sorry it's been such a nightmare for you.

    Kaylee is a dancing fool to your music, lol.

  6. Craigslist pisses Richard off too because people just write you to say stupid things. Just checking to see if there's an update on your test today. :)