Monday, February 23, 2009

I have not much to say these days

I have been resting a lot and lounging around in my PJ's all day. So nothing exciting happening on my front.
I haven't touched my camera in a few days and Jake has been couped up in the house a lot.

Hopefully little Jamie is going to enter this world at some point (soon) and I will have something to write about again.

Jakeys Birthday is Thursday, and his party is Saturday. I can't believe it has been 4 years since I was as round as a whale.

Friday, I am going in for a glucose test. Fun!

I have a long list of things I need to get done this week. Not really sure what I am waiting for. But my daily to do list looks exactly like the one the day before just with a few more things added. I think I really should start tackling that.

I also decided I need someone to clean my house. UGH now I just need to convince our finances that I REALLY TRULY need a housekeeper.

Etsy has been an horrible addiction over the past few weeks. Everyday I see things that I NEED. My favorites are close to being full. Is that possible? I don't think so. But maybe I should start showcasing here what my MUST HAVES are.

Noticing that I am just rambling along here?

Scot is bugging me to go to Sarasota, FL with him to see the REDS last Spring Training there. The catch: we are driving!
My answer: NEVER!

I think I am addicted to Facebook. Just what I needed another addiction. But who isn't at this point?

I promise I will be more interesting again in a few days.


  1. Add me to the needs a housekeeper list. It will never happen but I like to dream sometimes, lol.

  2. Ich habe noch einen weiteren Vorschlag, der sehr addicting sein kann:
    Kennst du die Seite? Sehr gefährlich ;-)
    Liebe Grüße, Sandra