Saturday, February 21, 2009

And the worse mother of the year award goes to...


(Jakey and our dog Bailey)

I thought we would have a fun family movie last night.

I looked on the HBO on Demand movies and thought My Dog Skip would be perfect for Jakey.

OMG poor Jakey cried from the beginning to the end.

First, the Dad took the dog away... Jakey cried
Then his only friend left to war... my boy was in tears
Then the other kids were mean to the boy... Jakey was balling
Then this deer gets shot right infront of the boy and is stumbling to the ground... Jakey lost it
Then the boy slapped the dog and the dog ran away...I thought my kid would pass out
Then the dog gets locked in and later hit with a shovel... he almost dies. So did my kid.
The worse... the boy grew up and left for college and the dog died of old age.

NOW my kid is screaming that he will never eat again because he doesn't want to grow up. EVER! "And tell that to Daddy too. That I can't get any bigger"

I tried and tried to turn the movie off once I realized it wasn't good, but he wouldn't let me... At one point he actually screames at me "You said that already! Don't ask that again!

I feel like shit!


  1. Oh yeah... that one's a big old mess. It even makes my sci-fi loving, slasher film fanatic husband bawl like a baby. Ack!!

    That's ok. I ended up letting Teagan watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Thought she'd be scared... nope. Bored... nope. Hubs and I kept explaining things in as 3 year old terms as possible. And at the end, she CRIED because the aliens left!!

  2. I didn't like that movie because it was so sad!

  3. By the way... this is an adorable picture of Jakey!

  4. What a super sweet picture! I bet he's already forgotten, kids are resiliant like that.

  5. Love the picture! I am notorious for putting on shows that my kids get freaked out know, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, etc. lol. I am raising wussies. They are scared of EVERYTHING!