Monday, November 17, 2008


... I am tired
... Jakey woke up with his first runny nose EVER!
... I spent 2 hours at Lowes to buy one piece of wood and a can of paint!
... found the most adorable overalls for Jakey at Target for $2.50
... worked on eBay
... went to the post office with about 20 packages
... talked on the phone most of the day with some good friends
... ate the last piece of chocolate cake, even though J said not to
... took a bath with my lovely runny nose son
... painted my nails black!!!
... found out that my death day is going to be Sept. 17, 2058 (
... did about a gazillion loads of laundry
... got an e mail from someone I knew over 20 years ago
... found a little kitten, which J named Huckodoo
... uploaded lots and lots of pictures and THIS TIME backed them up
... I realized that my Mom is already coming in ONE week
... found a big tub of summer clothes that I bought last season on sale for this season, but forgot about them!
... practised writing his name with J
... slept in the guest bed because apparently I snore
... I am happy!

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe that was his first runny nose EVER!! I think I have wiped more noses and butts than I care to think about. Hope he is feeling better soon.