Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I need your help!

I am currently taking a photography workshop with Sheye Rosemeyer.

This weeks homeworks calls for YOUR help!

Here it is:

1. Ask a friend or family member to pick a random theme for you to shoot. (You can let them come up with three
and pick the best one to make it a bit easier). You cannot have any input regarding the theme choices at all -
imagine you are working for a paying commercial client. The theme can be as general or specific as they like.
(ie - Holidays, Favourite Things, The Color Blue - Anything!!!)


  1. Toes: ten toes, six toes, w/painted nails, ugly toes, small/big toes, dirty toes, half hidden, toes from all angles...
    Household: vacum cleaner, dishes, full/empty glases, lamps, chairs, knifes, serviettes...
    Writings: notes, old writings, out of books, titles of documents, ornamental writing...
    but maybe you get better sugestions.

  2. "Light it up" you could do fire, candles or even use lighting in different ways



  3. How about hands - any type of hands. Baby hands, adult hands, holding hands, working hands...that sort of thing.

    I also like the fire idea too. :-)

  4. How about youth or aged. What about a certain emotion...sad, scared, etc.
    Or, friendship.

  5. Music - you are hired by a new record store.
    Traditions - you are hired to emphasize the importance of them as well as family and cultural values.
    Toys - you are hired by the industry to promote educational toys for the season.
    Have fun!