Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's in his tricycle?

Jake loves Benjamin's bicycle! Yes, it is Benjamin's and he let Jake borrow it. Jakey even calls it "My Benjamin's bicycle"

He rides this thing everywhere! From the dining table to the bathroom, from the fridge to the TV, everywhere inside, everywhere outside. He loves chasing our dog with it and terrorizes the cat with it... He rides that thing like the Wicked Witch her broom!

Recently we discovered that he also likes to hide things in its little trunk. So whenever we are looking for the remote control, keys or anything else we usually first look in his tricycle.

So, lets see what was in there tonight:


  1. Too cute. Caleb is the same way. He loves to hide lots of stuff in little compartments. do you post your picture with writing on it. I have such a hard time with photos and this program. Thanks

  2. Isn't fun the things that capture children's attention? I've always loved empting my kids pockets or peeking into the "treasure" spots. It's like a little peek into their minds!

  3. Jakey just makes sure that nothing gets lost, including your keys, and puts it in a safe spot :)