Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama boy

Obama boy, originally uploaded by Sonja B..

Today Ally and Lilly came over to hang out with us. We decided to make Obama T-shirt for the boys.
It was a real quick, easy and cheap (three words I like to hear) to make and looks really cool.
Btw... this is my blog and it is my business who I support. I can't even vote because I am not a US citizen, so please do not e mail me about politics. I don't care!

Finally got the internet fixed and now my power cord for my laptop is broke... ARGHHHH there is always something....


of course, of course I meant kids!


  1. OK...so I have to admit. I thought McKenna holding the torn up photo with Obama still in tact was the cutest endorsement. I think Jakey is giving her a run for the money. How cute is he???? Hope to see you soon.

  2. T-shirts for the BOYS??? And that's even though you changed her diaper :)

  3. aha! so that;s how I can get you to comment on my blog... calling your little girl a boy! mmmm

  4. umm i might have to steal that T-shirt Idea.... for myself!

  5. Love it! I wish you could vote ;)

  6. Yeap, it made me think for a minute... boys???
    love you

  7. Well, she does wear some unisex clothes and some of Jake's old ones, so we don't mind. After all she takes great liking to you - boy or girl. :)