Monday, August 11, 2008

and another Monday...

I am still feeling pretty sick and had a pretty rough night!

But today is Monday and on Monday's I have our niece K. So, we headed to the zoo today and tried to make the best out of today!

The weather was perfect! And the kids even better! I was told by five different people how good they are!

After the zoo we went to McD's, Speech Therapy and to the craft store. I had the kids paint two new mantle pieces... lol I thought it would be something different to have kids art over the fireplace. I have to take a picture in the next few days. It really looks great!

I forgot my camera, but thanks to my new toy I could take a few shots:

We don't look like we were having fun, but this was actually our favorite part of the day! K screamed "Wow" over and over... I guess it was pretty hard to hold two kids up and take a picture at the same time!

and this is what we were watching. The elephants were getting a bath!

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  1. Cool photo of the elephants. Hope you feel better soon.