Wednesday, July 7, 2010



I turned 31.

I got to snuggle with my buddy jamie.

I got to enjoy a nice lunch with the hubby at one of my fave restaurant.

The waitress brought me a rose and 3 !!! strawberry shortcakes for my birthday.

I returned home to a sick little boy with an unexplained fever.

We spent the majority of the day snuggling on the sofa and watched

The sword in the stone


All in all a good relaxing day.


I went to NKU.

I have 7 classes left and want to get it done.

While filling out paperwork I realized how old I am

I am now in the last box...

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. hi sonja,
    it might be the last box on that piece of paper...
    but on an other you might be in the first box.
    live is full of little boxes, never worry about where your little cross is.
    rather count how many crosses and steps you did in your life and be thankfull for them, they are part of that what you are.
    i love you and whish you many, many more little crosses!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sonja. Sorry I missed it. Hope you got to relax...a little...

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

  4. Wow - 31! How are you still getting up in the morning?