Tuesday, July 13, 2010


our Finn - almost 9 months old

aka: Fin Fin, Finny, Monster or Gremlin (and we mean that in a very sweet way)

loves: cheerios, his bottle, his rabbit (hase), his brother, riding in his stroller, rubbing his head in your lap, anything with a cord, likes to climb, crawl, move, move, move

hates: diaper changes, & long car rides, pretty much everything that restricts his movement

laughs: when you say No, laughs harder when you try to teach him some baby signs

cries: when he is tired or hungry

learned: how to do the pincher, can stand alone for a few seconds, how to get the tray off his high chair, how to open the screen door... even if its locked!!!

favorite toy: whatever Jake has, my phone, Sophie, anything bottle or cup

favorite baby food: peach, squash, & bananas

He is a very big handful, sometimes even two or four handfuls, but he is such a sweet, sweet boy, always smiling and loving on you.