Wednesday, June 16, 2010

at the lake with friends

sigh... there is nothing better than relaxing at the "beach" with friends.

the kids had a blast and we moms (including my mom) could just relax.

the day couldn't have been better... I have learned a very valuable lesson that morning, even cost me for my mistake, but things have been taken care off and looking back it was a great day.

our little camp, the rest of the beach... and lake were taken over by a regatta.

this little guy played like this for a long, long time. just with his bucket, some sand and the water. he didn't move. i wouldn't know how to act if one of my kids did that. probably pack them up and take them to the doctors to see if they are sick. haha

fin fin took a long nap

later he woke up and was ready to play with his buddy

love his tanned little face with the oreo crumbs.

always pulling himself up on things

and my favorite picture of the day... hoping to go alot more this summer.


  1. it was a great day!
    thanks for the wonderful time in cincinnati!
    love you

  2. Was für fröhliche Bilder. Vom baden im See kann man hier nur träumen. Es will einfach kein Sommer werden. Liebe Grüße von Inge aus dem kalten Norddeutschland