Friday, September 4, 2009


Funny how with every pregnancy we celebrate the little and big milestones.

First making it past the 10 week mark was a HUGE milestone for us. This was the time we found out we lost the twins the last time.

Hitting 12 weeks was another huge mark... one were we would let ourselves slowly become excited.

20 weeks for obvious reasons... half of the pregnancy is over and we found out we are having another boy!

But really we have been celebrating every week that we made it through...

Every Thursday I wake up to a new milestone... yesterday I turned 34 weeks - six more to go... almost there... 4 more until the baby is full term... WHAT? only 4 more?

Every Thursday we celebrate by visiting the local farmers market in the afternoon.

Scot gets his veggies to make us something yummy in the evening.

These are Jakeys favorite... Blackberry Cake with caramel icing.... hmmm and my favorite stand.

I ate two of those this morning for breakfast alone...

and we always, ALWAYS have to get homemade old fashion lemonade. SOOOOO Good!

And on the way out we grab some flowers...

Isn't this a perfect way to celebrate our little milestones??? I love it and can't believe we only have six left!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see little newborn pics. Do you have a name yet?

  2. Thank you Erika!
    Yes we have a name and a post with it coming soon ;)

  3. gosh, you just made me all teary-eyed... trust me I am celebrating all those milestone with you and every Thursday I think of you and that little booger :)
    So thrilled for you and hopefully Jakey will learn to love (or at least tolerate) babies within the next 4 weeks :-P

  4. How awesome! So happy for you, and what a great way to celebrate each milestone :)