Saturday, August 22, 2009

We had THE talk...

Jake: How did the baby get in your tummy?

Me: Daddy put it there.

J: But how?

M: Well, you know he just did (I was totally caught off guard and had no idea how to explain this)

J: (looks at my back) Did he look for an opening on your back?

M: No... You know he just loved Mommy really hard.

J: I know that! But how did he put it in...

Me: (I gave up) He kissed me that's how...

J: So, the baby went down your "throat up"? (The word he uses for throat... a throat up comes from throwing up... somehow he made that connection and it makes more sense to him)

Me: Yeah, I guess

J: Where did Daddy get the baby from?

Me: Hey! Do you want to go downstairs and get some candy?

J: OK!

OMG was that awkward and seriously I was totally dumb founded. I guess that serves me right after I just told Scot yesterday that the great thing is about having two boys is that I am not going to be the one who will have to do the sex talk... and here I am!

Question: How do I explain this to a 4 year old? A 4 year old who will ask WHY for everything! I mean this kid wants to know details... how should I handle this?



  1. oh no! You have a very curious four year old on your hands!!! I have no advice to give - That's the great part about being a nanny/babysitter, my response would be "You'll have to ask your mom!" lol.

  2. you poor thing being sprung like that! My oldest son wanted to know at 4 too. I just told him the truth, in very basic terms with no more info than what he asked for. He was satisfied quite quickly & didn't seem surprised at all. Anything is possible when you are 4 & so much is new, one more thing doesn't make much difference to their day !
    My son then went to preschool & told everyone over lunch how babies were made !!!! Oh well, I guess no-one else was telling them ( :