Monday, July 20, 2009

from dungeon to nursery Part IV

I have been working on getting the last minute details together. Here are a few pictures... still tons more to come, but I thought I give you a little taste on how things are going.

Scot bought me this lamp at a Garage Sale and I think it goes perfectly in the room... it gives a real nice glow and sits on my breastfeeding nightstand. The little chain next to it was a present from a great friend.

here is a close up shot of this chain... it suppose to bring good luck and keep evil spirits away!

This is my favorite present from Scot ever... a handmade, wooden German mobile. He found it again at a Garage Sale and bought it for only $5. What a great find!

nursery mobiledetail
Here is another detail shot of the mobile.

This quilt Scot's grandmother made for him when he was a baby... it is now hanging over the crib and we will later use it as a playmat. I love the details of it. In the background you see the mobile again and a few framed art projects...

Here are these art projects Jakey and I made... he finger painted them and I used a template (which I found here) to cut them out and frame them. The frames are from Ikea... and this whole project was under $5.

This little guy I found at a bookstore... probably THE softest elephant I have ever felt... what totally sold me was that his tag reads "I am a bashful elephant"... Jakey & I named him Olli.

This is my birth announcement plate. I have been looking for a good place to hang it and the nursery is just the perfect spot. If you look closely you can see the time, date and how much I weighed when I was born. Need, huh?

These are from the Martha Stewart Craft Collection at Walmart. Jake, Scot and I as small children. Very inexpensive and a cute little personal touch to the nursery.

As a child I loved Humpty Dumpty and you know I had to put this up when I found this in a box of vintage toys Scot had in the basement!

Crib skirt and sheet are both handmade and I bought them for $2 at a local rummage sale. Gotta love a deal!!!

More pictures to come... Next up will be the closet, which is now packed with baby clothes!


  1. So cute! i love the blue and all the little toys and things!

  2. it's looking stunning Sonja!! I love Humpty! Everything is just beautiful. Can't wait to see photos of the completed project, baby included!!!

  3. It looks amazing! The design and all the personal touches really showcase your artistry and innate eye for beauty.