Thursday, July 23, 2009

freakin' hormones

As some of you know I lived a few years as a child in Paraguay, South America.

I am still very attached to this country and really miss the beauty of it.
I actually feel more homesick towards Paraguay then Germany.

When we left I was about 7 or 8 and I drew this picture.

Der Kreuzberg (The Cross Mountain) behind our house. I believed God (Gott) lived up there in the mountains.


When I think about our times in Paraguay my thoughts quickly go to the Kreuzberg...

Recently my Mom came across the current owners of our house's blog. I have been looking at it more than I should... they probably think by now they have a stalker... hahaha

Tonight I came across this picture.


My Kreuzberg! In a way I still believe God lives there...


  1. Thats cool! Do you comment on theirs blog??

  2. Hi Sonja,
    that Cross (about 34ft high) was posted there when I was a child by the fransiscan brothers. For no special reason because they wheren't local. Only from then on, we called the hill; "Kreuzberg" (Crossmounten) Before that, it was called simply "Böni-Berg" Named after the owner of the place. Better known as the local looney.
    Somehow, after it was placed, I went out every day to see it from a spot near home. Later in my life when living elsewhere, coming home meant seeing the cross from a distance long before arriving. It allways meant something to me, I don't know what, just something special. maybe that what it's been put up for!
    I'm glad, it's special to you too!