Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my men

my boys

my men...

it is scary how much they look a like in these photos.

they are so a like in so many other things.

they are best buds.

they fight.

they laugh.

they play.

they wrestle.

they cook together.

they go for hikes.

they are REDS fans.

they love to sing.

they love to talk non stop and every story gets bigger and bigger.

they enjoy bonfires and marshmallows together.

they are father and son.

and soon

they are going to have another bud.


  1. Jake is a McGill alright - just in case there was ever any doubt :)
    Jake's eyes are gorgeous!

  2. Awesome matching pictures :)

    I forget if I told you...I tagged you on my blog yesterday.