Friday, May 22, 2009

What time is it?

I was sitting outside in the grass today enjoying the sun.

I knew it was almost time to get Jakey ready for school, but wanted to soak up every minute I could in the sun before I had to go inside and check on the time.

So, I sent Jakey inside to ask Daddy what time it is.

He came out and told me "twenty four"

I sent him in again... was it twenty four after 11 or maybe was it twenty four until school starts. twenty four what?

He came back out and told me "zero zero four"

Now I was even more confused.

Once more I sent him in and he came back and said "sixty nine ten" (his number for everything).

Alright I got up and checked myself... it was 11:45am

But sixty nine ten is the new number for everything.

Something (like our house, the car, the cat, etc) is always sixty nine ten heigh.

Jake weighs sixty nine ten.

I am sixty nine ten old.

hmmm... we need to work on numbers.

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