Friday, May 8, 2009

I forgot about this

Just found this picture in a totally wrong folder.

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Jakey, Scot, my brother, my mom and I at Lake Huron.

I love it. Scot claims it was the coldest he ever felt in his life... I doubt it! It was totally worth it. So beautiful and peaceful. Can't wait to go camping there this summer.

I only took this picture that day. It WAS cold... I couldn't hold my camera long enough to focus and click the shutter. Glad this one turned out.

I might go through the other 50,000 pictures and see if I can find any other gems like this one.

*** I just noticed the big feather sticking out of Jake's hat ***

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  1. I love the feather. That would be something Trevor would do. Too cute. What a lovely picture.