Monday, May 4, 2009

Already May?

Can you believe it is already May, almost half way through 2009 already?

I am really looking forward to this month and looking at our family calendar... we are packed!

Let's take a look

I have a few photo sessions coming up. (one today that I will post pictures soon).
Waiting for some babies to be born so I can shoot photograph them.

Tomorrow Jakey and I are heading up to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium to meet up with some great friends.

Jakey is wrapping up his first preschool year this month. They have a lot of fun activities planned for the last few weeks and I need to finish the kids memory books.

Mother's Day is also this month. This or this is what I really want. Can someone tell Scot to PLEASE finally start reading my blog.

Mid May my great friend Snille Ricki and (future godmother to #2) her family is coming to visit us from South Carolina. I am really excited and wish they would stay a little longer.

End of May the pool opens and we are going canoeing over Memorial weekend. All Jakey is talking about is when the pool opens. I think we will do a little craft today to make a countdown for the pool.

Also included in the month of May: some babysitting, date night with my hot mailman Scot, birthday parties, celebrations, meet ups, dinners, pool party... ugh I am getting dizzy!


(you think my May is busy? Wait till you see June!)

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  1. Isn't crazy how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas.

    That's one busy schedule you've got there.