Tuesday, April 21, 2009

True or False Answers

1. True or False? On vacation I was stung by a jellyfish as a little girl.

True. We were in Cyprus. I got stung and my right thigh was HUGE for days.

2. I can speak German, Spanish and English.

False. No Spanish. I wish I did but at this point I gave up.

3. I collected everything cow as a teenager.

Sadly, but this is TRUE. I used to have probably close to a hundred different cow items... only one left today.

4. I won a state championship in whitewater kayaking in Germany.

True. 1997 BW state champion.

5. I hate my feet being touched.


6. During summer camp I learned to juggle.

lol False!

7. Strawberry ice cream is my favorite.

False! Strawberry ice cream reminds me of the motion sickness pills I used to get from my Mom.

8. I ate all of Jakeys Easter candy.

False! Although I had a few bites, there is no way I can beat Jakey in eating candy!

9. I love to sing and used to be in a choir.

False! I am THE worse singer ever.

10. I am TERRIFIED of spiders!

False! I don't love spiders, but I am for sure not terrified in all capital lettes of them. Snakes... a whole different story!


  1. hehe, Enjoyed these couple posts.

    So have you EVER learned to juggle??

  2. never went to summer camp and never learned to juggle!