Friday, April 17, 2009

the size of a lemon

I read two days ago that the baby is now the size of the lemon. I am today 14 weeks and one day. How did I get here so fast?
It seemed like yesterday that the baby is the size of a raisin, than a grape... why to we compare the size of a baby with food anyways?
It seemed like yesterday that we found out we are expecting.
Like yesterday that I woke up every morning and sprinted to the toilet.

I know I still have a long road ahead of me... believe me, I know! 26 more weeks ahead of me...

But I am finally at the stage were I think everything will be a ok. Finally at the stage were I let myself be excited and giddy about this little one. Finally ok talking about this baby in the future without fearing I just jinxed myself!

Finally happy again.

14 weeks


  1. yey! so exciting! i can't wait till the little oneis born and we get to see all your fabulous pics!

    here is a blog that compairs her baby to food :-)

  2. Look at your cute little lemon drop. You have a gorgeous little baby bump!

  3. sonja! so happy for you! you be excited and giddy girl :)

  4. Hi Sonja - very cute photo - I'm glad you're able to start relaxing now:) Vanessa

  5. soooo exciting! Happy 100 days!!!
    W O O H O O ! ! !
    Oh, and nice clothes by the way... wonder where you got such stylish and fashion-forward maternity clothes??? LOL

    Can not wait to see you in a couple of weeks. I'll be rubbing that tummy of yours... maybe I can make some lemonade out of it ;)
    XOXO, the Snilles!

  6. thanks everybody we are pretty excited!

  7. you have a lemon and I have a small pomegranate. don't you just love the food analogies?! :) at least you look like you only have a lemon in your tummy! Mine looks like a watermelon already and not a pomegranate! :) Oh well!

  8. What a cute bump! I am 14.5 week prego! I am starting to show, starting to do a little more, not live in fear :)