Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Can I just say FULL HOUSE?!?

Lots and lots of people over for Easter dinner. I was worried about space, food, egg hunt, kids, etc... but in the end all worked out and we enjoyed a great Easter together.

The food was delicious. Thank you everybody for contributing.
The table looked gorgeous (Mom send me a picture so I can add it on here).
The egg hunt was a total success and the kids were so excited!
I even had my fair share of Easter candy.
Two lovely fairies cleaned my kitchen while I was "busy". Thank you!

Overall just a great day!

But looking forward to doing it next year at Nina's... right Nina? ;)

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  1. Easter was fun! Thanks for having us over! Yummy food and the egg hunt was fun! We still have Jakey's basket we need to return to him. :) And some easter eggs if you want to recycle them! ;)