Wednesday, April 29, 2009

YES he is a maniac

Thank you for all your nice and encouraging e mails and comments.

I should have added that I sleep VERY deep and don't notice when he comes in my bed.
I then wake up at some point (because my bladder is being squished by #2) and there he is. I can't carry his dead weight body back to his bed, let alone to the top of his bunk bed. So, JAKEY won again!

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See my little bed bug next to me... rolled up like a pillow? I took this picture at around 3 am!

He then wakes up in the am, looks over to me and says "Thank you for letting me sleep with you!" ARGHHHH

So, tonight Daddy took him to the baseball game, they are going to come home late and hopefully he will be so tuckered out that I can put him in his bed to sleep. If he sleeps all night in his own bed I will throw him a little party in the morning. Let's see how that goes...

stay tuned!


  1. I have a 6yo that still makes his way to my bed every night. Let me know if you figure out a way to keep him in his own bed!