Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

It's been a while since I have updated daily. Sorry. Things got crazy around here and so much has happened in such a short time.

Yesterday (Valentine's Day) Jakey, Scot and I spent the morning at Ikea. They had a special going for bed sheets and since we upgraded to a King size bed we needed new sheets.
It was crazy! They were sold out before the store opened, because people started opening boxes and fighting for them. I let my husband do the fighting and some woman had mercy with me (not sure why maybe because I had a kid on my hip and was cheering for my husband) so we ended up with two sets.
We tried to have breakfast there but since they were also giving away free breakfast it was too crazy. So on our way out we "splurged" and got 2 hot dogs, chips and a drink for $2.50. But the thing is we had THE best time. We couldn't stop laughing because B.K. (before kids) we would get a hotel room at a fancy hotel downtown, eat at fancy restaurants and now we are sitting here with two hot dogs and cheap sheet sets at Ikea.
But my favorite Valentines' Day present was this:


a V-day card from Jakey. The best part about though is that this is the first time he had ever written his name cleary. How awesome is this?


  1. That's a beautiful Valentine from Jakey and he did a fantastic job writing his name! Those are my favorite kind of valentines :)

    And congrats on the sheets - we didn't show up at Ikea until after 11am and they were long gone. Crazy people!

  2. that's awesome sonja!!!
    They served 750 breakfasts! Can you imagine????
    Glad your Valentines Day was great!

  3. Woohoo! Glad you got your sheets. Are they decent or worth every bit of the $10 they cost?

    Hehe - yeah, Rick and I were the same way. AK (after kids) it all changes but I don't mind at all.

  4. The sheets are actually pretty good. I am glad we got some. We needed new ones pretty bad.