Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more Jakey-isms

probably the cutest thing I have heard in a while:

On our way down to SC to see our friends we stopped at a gas station. It was breakfast time and I let J pick out whatever he wanted, except for candy.
He picked out a small box of Lucky Charms. He never had them, but we still had a 6 hours drive before us, so why argue.
While we were driving he was picking out the marshmallow candies. He ate the first one and said
Mommy! These are so good and delicious. I think Tinkerbell made them.

Right there and then my heart skipped and suddenly the long car trip was worth just hearing that.


I just put him to bed and he was fighting me to sleep in my bed. Today's excuse was:

I can't! My feet will burn me!


Not sure where he saw this but recently when I ask him to do something he will say
YES SIR CAPTAIN! and will salute me.


In SC, I think Jakey was a little bored. No other kids his age, not many toys and I was just there to relax and take lots and lots of pictures of Baby Paul. One night we were laying in bed after saying Good Night to Daddy, when he turned to me and whispered

I have a plan! Let's sneak upstairs, run outside to the car and drive home!

Awwwwww. Poor guy!


He is convinced that he has a baby in his belly. His babies name is Santa Claus. Today when I asked him how he comes out he told me

He will put his hand out of my belly button and I will pull him out.

If it just would be that easy!


He has been a real handful lately. We have been joking that Jakey won't be turning 4 at the end of the month but 14. We have a teenager on our hands. But once in a while we still get to see the "old" Jakey.
While in SC, he sat at the piano and started "playing" a song to the baby. Just really, really cute.
Going to the store he will blow kisses to the cashier.
He tells strangers I LOVE YOU.
He gives out the BEST hugs and kisses.
All the animals are My best friends in the whole wild world

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