Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interview by Liz

I struggled all day to put together a blog post. I have nothing to really say, or maybe I am struggling because I have so much to say. Did I confuse you?

But Liz from Eternal Lizdom just emailed me and asked (well I asked but we get to that later) to interview me.

1. You've lived in many places. What was your favorite place to live? Is there anywhere you want to visit or live that you haven't yet? Chances are good that I've never been to the places you name so tell me as much as you can about them!
I have lived in Germany (many places there), England, Paraguay and now the U.S.
Hmmm... my favorite place to live and this is a though one... is HERE. I always hated living in Germany and couldn't wait to move away, yes I had friends and made my way through life there but I never felt like I belonged there. I LOVED living in Paraguay as a child... and that's the key: as a child. I am so glad we moved when we moved. I can't imagine myself still living there. England I was just too small to remember much... so I don't know if I liked it there or not.
I want to visit many places: New Zealand, Australia, India, Iceland, Nepal, Norway.... the list is long. I think I would like to live in Australia for a while. Especially since I have so many AU friends right now.

2. Tell the story of your family- how you met your husband, how you came to the US, how you became a mom...
Oh wow, this is a long one.
I came to the US as an Au pair. Loved every minute of it and was really homesick to the US once I was back in Germany (remember I didn't like it there). My host family contacted me.... they missed me too. We agreed on them sending me to community college here while I watch their children. Well and then I met my husband...
I met my husband at the movies. I actually noticed him before we even talked, because I was watched him run across the street with cardboard over his head because it was raining. My first thought was DORK. lol We talked and at some point exchanged numbers. That was it.
Jakey was not planned. He was the product of a very fun and drunken weekend at Put-n-Bay. LOL But as soon as I found out I was soooo happy and excited. Of course there were worries, but mostly just excitement.

3. If you weren't a mom, what would you be? How would you spend your time?
If I weren't a mom I would travel, travel, travel.... I would probably spent another Aupair year in Australia. But I would also be lonely... my little guy is my best friend "in the whole wild world" ;)

4. You have 3 days with no kids, no husband, no commitments or responsibilities. What do you do with your time?
Find a spot were I could sit, relax and breathe and do NOTHING!!! Well maybe I would find something to take pictures ;)

5. Why do you blog? How did you get started? What do you get from it?
I suck at scrap booking. Jakeys baby book is almost non existent. So, I needed something to keep me up to date one what is going one. When did he do what, what he said, what we did as a family, etc. Then it involved in a way to keep my family oversees updated. Well, and now it is therapy. It really is.

Thanks Liz!!!

So the rule now is to offer 5 more interviews. Which means if you want me to interview you. Please leave a comment and say/ write "INTERVIEW ME"


  1. wow I didn't know you were an aupair! I've been looking into that for a while. I can never find anyone that will pay me what I want though ;-) I have school bills and others to pay!! lol