Saturday, January 31, 2009

Leave one memory

This is going around Facebook and I thought what a great idea for my blog.

Leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

And if you don't know me at all, what was your favorite post?


And this little guy, I am hoping to meet very soon! Isn't he adorable? More on him, here!


  1. Hard to think of just I am going with a few.
    1. the first meeting at the library to give me diapers (never knew it would develop into such a great friendship)
    2.Meeting at the aquarium with Nina and getting to know you a little better
    3. Cook outs at the house including a naseating bee sting
    4. Many, many conversations about the ups and downs of life
    5. I am glad I know you to play this game with you.

  2. first of all thanx always being an awesome friend and for Paul a minute of fame on your blog ;) I love that pic of him!
    I'm with Heather on this one (even though I've never met her)... hard to pick just one memory.
    1. meeting you for the first time at Lorraine's house and secretly trading phone numbers, so she wouldn't be pissed
    2. the whole Lorraine drama, including your wedding dress try-on... or the dinner at Bucca
    3. holding Jake for the very first time at the hospital when he was just a day old and you actually let me hold him... thanx
    4. going to Ikea in Detroit and spending the night at my in-laws... how patiently you listened to the quilting crap
    5. all the Sunday nights watching AR and DHW, cracking up about the stupidity of teams (remember "Oprah and Gayle": we gave birth... or "Mirna and Schmirna" and the midget wearing the suit of armor... or the hillbillies from Kentucky... OMG) Good Times!


  3. Oh...I was also going to mention the AR and DH nights at my house, although I think it doesn't count because you had already talked about that on my FB page. Haha.
    I am going to go with the day when you brought Ally over to the Big House. If that wasn't destiny, then I don't know what is!
    Oh...and of course who could forget the infamous Bengals playoff game where we got drunk and cried after Carson was injured? (I still hate the Steelers because of that)

  4. There are so many... when you first came to our house and I knew right away that we'll be great friends, even though you saw a very wild part of "my" family - diapers, wet clothes, and all...
    Staying at the Chicago hostel and half-way fearing for our lives...
    Canoeing down the Green River, getting stuck in the Peanut Butter mud, loosing the paddle which you retrieved by YOURSELF against the stream, video taping survivor-like messages, leaving our home-made Survivor Kentucky flag at the campsite, you scaring the s... out of me with the X, and licking the damn walls in the cave!
    Spending many, many evenings in your room talking, climbing out the window in the middle of the night because we were scared, "building" our own burglar alarm on the steps and you hiding the butcher knife from me... oh my gosh were we crazy!
    Being there when you delivered Jake, being one of the first people that ever saw and held him. That was an amazing experience - thanks for all the fun, nice, difficult and beautiful memories we shared over the past decade.