Wednesday, December 3, 2008

About new layout and snowballs

Hey Internets! (pre-excuse the rambling)

my blog is a little under construction. I worked on my Mom's blog today and got jealous of her pretty new template so I decided to redo mine...

aha! not so good idea when you are working with dial-up. Ah, have I missed the sound of the internet dialing in... NOT!

anways we are doing good. Jakey is still homesick. Even though lately it seems he gets only homesick when he is in trouble or a night time. But I am not sure whats in this Canadian air but this boy has become a EATING MACHINE!

Today we took Jake for a sled-walk. We walked and pulled him on the sled. Then we made snow angels after snow angels and snowballs that we pulled with us on the sled. They were way to pretty to throw! Oh and then we had this incident of someone (not me!) rolling in the mud because we couldn't take the snowballs inside. Fun Times!

Tomorrow we are going to a european butcher to get some Mettwurst. (Ally, want me to bring you some?) and YES people I get excited about visiting a butcher on my vacation!

So what do you think about my new blog? yay or nay?
Oh and I am terrible about adding friends to my blogroll... so if you want me to add you please leave me a comment and let me know.

Oh and by the way... I am feeling much better. Thank you!

Sorry for the rambling... but I am on VACATION!

Hey Internets! (pre-excuse the rambling)


  1. Love the new look! Glad you are having a good vacation!

  2. That last pic is so cute! I got my CapCin book and saw your lovely photos!

    I like the layout... i just revamped mine a couple days ago.. though I have a feeling i'm not done :-)

    (if you use google reader you can upload your blog roll through that) That is what I did because there was no way I was going to type them all out!

    Have fun at the butcher...

  3. I love, love, love the new look!!!
    Now I want to redo mine!!
    So glad you are feeling better!
    We miss you!

  4. A definite yay from me. Glad you are having fun!! What a great photo. I am so jealous. I can't wait to take snow walks and make snow angels. Of course, ask me come march and I will be ready to pee in the snow...haha. Miss you lots.

  5. The new look is very nice! I'm glad you're feeling better so you can really enjoy your vacation :)

  6. I like the new look, too!!

    I'm one of your followers and I know you are following mine, too.

    Enjoy your vacation!! All that outside play would make any kid hungry!

  7. p.s. We really, really miss you guys!

  8. I'm glad you're better! Enjoy the snow - I am envious. Thanks for the Mettwurst! Can't wait to try it! I really like the colors on the new layout...