Friday, October 10, 2008

Postcards for Jakey

Everyday Jakey goes to the mailbox and collects our mail. And every day he is disappointed because there was no mail for him! Once in a while he gets a coupon from Great Clips... or a reminder from his dentist!
So, help me out here and make a little boy happy! Send him a postcard! He would love to get some mail from around the world!
There is nothing better then to get something in the mail... as much as I love the Internet and my email inbox, nothing can compare to a handwritten note sent with snail mail!
You can send a postcard from near or far... maybe you have a old one from the last trip you took and never sent postcards (Ally?) It can be a postcard with animals, bridges or whatever... you can write him a note, draw him a picture or even tell him a new knock knock joke.... ANYTHING! Scribble a few circles on it and he will be VERY happy! This won't take much time and won't cost you much, but it would make him soooo happy!

Email me for our address!

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