Thursday, October 9, 2008

in a nutshell

Today we got up early.
Went to the zoo with friends.
Had lunch with a gazillion bees.
Went home... Jake cried, and cried, and cried!
Jake watched Johnny Q (Remember the big spider push the button? That's the one!)
Then he went to preschool
While he was in preschool I watched MTV: The Island
then worked on the computer... got nothing done!
Jakey came home and cried because Scot picked him up not me.
Went to the ice cream store.
Jake cried AGAIN because we didn't rode the bikes to the store!
I had my Sundae with hot chocolate fudge.
Came home and decided to go NOW on a bike ride.
Opened the garage to get the bikes out...
couldn't find them in Scot's mess!
Started cleaning the garage.
Decided to have Garage Sale!
In 2 Days... now I have to get working!


  1. That sounds just like Caleb. He gets very upset if things don't go EXACTLY how he had it planned in his little head. Geesh. Makes for a very long afternoon. The boys were so good in the morning, though.

  2. LOL. Good luck with your sale!