Thursday, August 28, 2008

the next Luke Skywalker!

Jake finally got a lightsaber! He loves, loves, loves it... and (knock on wood) so far he hasn't broke or hurt anything/anyone!

I asked him for a little photoshoot with his new lightsaber. This is what happened:

And I am down!!!


Guessing Game: What did Jake eat last?
The winner will receive a box of Jake's favorite food! :) I am serious! Now guess!


  1. How fun! We saw a sword at the beach this last week that made light saber noises. PB wanted it BAD!

  2. Macaroni and cheese! That's my guess!

  3. And we have a winner!!! and I will deliver... :)

  4. He's such a cutie!! Can't wait to meet you both in person next week!!