Monday, July 14, 2008


I took Jake and his buddy Ben to church with me. Both boys were super excited about going to Sunday school together and had a great time.

Afterwards we went to Barbecue Revue for some great lunch and way to much cornbread... I took this picture infront of the restaurant. It is just way too cute, so I have to share!

Went to Target to get a few things after lunch... I bought Jakey swim trunks for 69cents... what a steal! pics will follow.

In the evening I had to take my 38 week pregnant friend to the hospital due to high blood pressure. We were hoping to welcome little Thommy into this world, but it was false alarm... any day now!

Jake slept at his cousin Kailin's house. It was his first sleep over there and I think he did pretty well. He came home the next morning and said to me

"Mommy, I missed you all night!"

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