Monday, July 28, 2008


Last night... I dropped my cell phone in the baby pool! It worked for about 30 seconds... made some horrible noises and died! I have to wait till August 7th to get a new one, because that's when our contract will run out and I am eligible for a bigger discount. I have been eyeing a new Blackberry and now can't wait to hold it in my hands.... but NO I didn't drop my old phone in the pool to get a new one!
Then I try to make a call using our land line... and it is dead too! Internet... dead! Cable... dead! Ahhhhhh.... I had serious withdrawal symptoms! Isn't that sad? I went to bed early just because I was bored! This morning I woke up and actually worked!!! Maybe it is not that bad of a thing... Anyways, my land line, cable and Internet are back on again... just need to wait for a new cell phone! August 7th seems sooooo long away!

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