Friday, July 25, 2008


My sister-in-law & family moved from Arizona to Cincinnati a few weeks ago. It is so nice to have finally family around and hang out together. But this is the first time Jakey ever had to share family and he is bad at it... every time they come over he acts up. EVERY TIME! The night always ends up with him being send to his room or in time out. It is a constant "mine, mine, mine"... or "(s)he has my toy!"
They must think he is a total brat and I really don't blame them... he is awful when they are around! And I really hope that will change here in the near future!

But once in a while I catch him sharing some sweet moments with his cousin K

Jake sucking away on his popsicle... that he only got because he fianally ate all of his dinner!

Cousin K all bummed out because she didn't finish her dinner and as punishment we made her sit and watch Jake eat his! Just kidding... we only had one left and her Mommy said she wouldn't eat one anyway!

Jake eyeing over to her... you can see the wheels in his head turning... "Should I be naughty and tease her or should I share?"

"Hey, you want a lick?"


"My turn now!"

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