Thursday, July 31, 2008

Movie in the Park

Jake and I had a date last night.

Just him and me!

Daddy stayed behind and worked

We left early so we could play at the park.

We went up and down the slide about a million times.

We sat both on the swing and went "higher Mommy higher".

Once it good dark we got our blanket and popcorn out and found a great spot to watch the movie.

The bee movie was playing and being a toddler Jake decided he is scared of bees and therefore of the bee movie...

But he enjoyed it afterall.

Just as the movie begun the skies opened and it rained!

Luckily I brought my "poncho blanket" and we sat together under it and enjoyed the rest of the movie.

It was a really nice evening and on the way home Jake said

"Today was my favorite!"

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