Thursday, July 31, 2008

indoor jungle jim

(hahaha I just realized I wrote "jungle jim" instead of "jungle gym")

We have a open wooden spiral staircase. Scot calls it the "Baby Death Trap"... it is beautiful look at, but very dangerous. In fact this staircase is the reason why Jakey lost his tooth!
About 1 1/2 years ago he ran away from me upstairs, slipped and tumbled down the first 2 steps and then fell in between the staircase and the wall and hit his mouth on a big wooden trunk that used to be there. I ran after him and tried to grab his hand, but it was too late... when I ran down I found him laying on his stomach, screaming and blood everywhere. Screaming is a good thing! If a kid gets hurt and still can scream that is a good sign. But the blood was everywhere and I wasn't sure where it was coming from. I rinsed him off under the sink and saw that his tooth was just barley hanging on! Nothing else happened! Just that one tooth missing for a few years and that's it. We were VERY lucky!
So, that's the reason why we have now "chicken wire" around the staircase. It is not that great to look at anymore, but if it keeps my baby safe I don't care!
Since that accident Jake has learned to go up and down the stairs safely on his own. We even let him play on the bottom three steps, because honestly I would have done it as a kid too... the temptation is just too high!

sometimes he plays Pirates on it and the stairs are his ship and he can't fall in the water

sometimes he plays Tarzan and swings from tree to tree

sometimes he does jump in the water

sometimes he just sits on the bottom step and plays with his toys

and just once in a while he will sit still and pose for me!

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  1. Ouch! But those stairs are pretty rockin'. I'd play on them too!