Sunday, June 22, 2008

the past few days and more

I had to the pleasure to finally meeting my bloggy friend Kelly and her gang of 3 boys! The kids got along great and it was fun just to hang out with Kelly.
The day started with me taking pictures of her one year old. I feel bad because we really didn't have a chance to take too many different pictures with 3 other wild boys running around. After the photo session we grabbed a quick lunch at McD's and went to the Indy Zoo. I love that zoo! The dolphin dome is just awesome and I am every time fascinated by these animals. Jakey enjoyed the water park the best.

and this is what happens if you try to take a picture of three boys age 3,4 and 5!!!

Saturday and Sunday Jake spent with his godmother and my best friend Ally! I just picked him up and he has been knocked out for the past 3 1/2 hours... you know he had a good time!
It was just strange not to have him around. This morning when we went to church, everything was calm and we left the house without rushing and "Please Jakey put your shoes on!", "Please put that down", "Jakey, no Jakey!" But when we saw the other kids gathering for their Sunday classes we both missed him terribly.

Saturday night we went despite rain to an outdoor Symphony from the Pops. It was okay... not really what we like, since the "Van Trapp" children were singing.... Yes, I am German, but Sound of Music is not anywhere near my Top 10 Movie List. Actually I have never even heard of the movie before I came here.

The following week is going to be busy, busy, busy! Tomorrow my best friend is taking me to an early birthday dinner, since she will be in Austria for my birthday. Tuesday, Jakey has his first physical therapy appointment and an hearing test for his speech therapy. Wednesday, I am taking these guy's 6 months portrait and Thursday I am hanging out with my niece Lilly! Friday... hmmm not sure what I have going on Friday, but there was something... anyways Saturday I have an engagement shoot and Sunday I am going to get ready for my SIL and family to arrive from AZ! Pfff.... lots and lots of things to do!

Another few updates for those who are curious... my green card application has been sent out and received. I am now just waiting for an biometric appointment were they take my fingerprints and then another appointment for our Interview. Hopefully this should all be done within the next 6 months.

Jakey is doing awesome in his swim class! On Wednesday he put his face for the first time under water (a huge accomplishment for him) and on Thursday he was already swimming under water!!! I am so proud of him! This class has been so great for him and I think we will sign him up for another session after this one! Otherwise he has been great. He has been a great listener and has been very nice to everyone around him! YEAHHHH for Jakey!

Our friend Charlie's family is arriving at the end of this week and we are going to have a memorial service for him in the near future. We have a lot to talk to them about and we will see how everything is going to turn out at the end...

So, wish me luck and strength to get through this busy week! I know I will need any help I can get!

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  1. It was so fun to meet you and Jake! Love the pics! Can't wait to see more!