Thursday, June 19, 2008

As promised...

I managed to take some swim class pictures of Jake and his friends.

I used the excuse that I am sick (ear infection) and sat in a lawn chair with my 200mm lens and snapped away... oh and did I mention I had big cup of beer! :) I have to admit I was a little tipsy, since this was my first taste of alcohol in a really long time, but it felt soooo good!

Scot came with us and was able to ride on a few water slides... I told you, my hubby is like a little kid! To sum it up, we all had a great time!

Here is Jakey getting ready to jump in the water! His one favorite thing to do!

I love how all these kiddos sit in a row... look at the poor little guy on the right!

Another reason, and probably the REAL reason I didn't want to get in the water is that it was REALLY cold! Look at poor Ben!

After some swimming we went with our good friends to get some pizza and ice cream! And lots of sugar... Jake was up till almost midnight!

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