Saturday, May 24, 2008

What did you say?

Funny and cute things Jakey said.

Every night I tuck him in bed I tell him that he has to stay in his own bed and not to come in with Mommy & Daddy. He always replies with "Sorry!". And if I ask him what he is sorry for "Because I am coming in your bed!"... at least he is smart! Cheeky, yes. But smart!

On different occasions he has said to me "Mommy, I can't get big. I wanna stay small!" This one always makes me wanna cry!

We have been trying to teach him his first and last name and every time he gets angry and yells "I am just Jakey!"

I also tried to teach him that he lives in Cincinnati. His reply was "I don't live in Cincinti, I live in a cave!" lol I can assure you this house is nothing like a cave! Silly, Monkey!

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