Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speech Evaluation and more

Wow... this was a loooong day!

Jakeys speech evaluation was today. It went well... he really behaved and did what they asked him to do. Once in a while we had to refocus him. But can you blame him, if the evaluator even yawned after 2 hours?
Anyways I was right to be a little concerned. He definatley has some problem areas and it was really interested to find out specifics. For instence the evaluator (Adam) showed him a picture of body parts and said something like, "with your nose you can smell, what can you do with your eyes?" Jake had no idea. Or he would show him a picture of 4 babies crying and one baby not crying and asked him which one was not crying. Jake showed him all the ones that were crying. Which indicates that he doesn't understand negatives. I learned a lot about Jake today and reinforced other things. I know to be more patient with him and that it is not all just stubborness.
He also had pronauncation problems, which really didn't come to a suprise to me. So, we are on a waiting list and hopefully he can start therapy in 1-3 months.

After the evaluation at Children's Hospital we went to the park and played for a while. I was talking to my friend (Hi Ally!) on the phone and wasn't paying as much as attention as I should to Jake and when I look he is running butt naked around! Great! He wanted to play in the water area and didn't want to get his pants wet... well that's a way to do it.

We killed some time at the park and met some friends at Ikea. Which was a complete nightmare and I don't want to get it, except that my darling child was kicked out of the play area, because he wasn't following the rules. So, I had to finish shopping with a screaming child. Fun Times!

I bought a bunk bed for Jakey... he has been sleeping for over a year now on a matress (yeah we are ghetto like that) and I decided it was time for him to get a big boy bed - especially since he is sleeping so well in his own bed.

I wanted to set up the bed tonight, to share with you sweet photos of him sleeping in his big boy bed. But honestly I am just exhausted and the bed is still sitting in the driveway, because it is too heavy for me to get it in by myself. Scot is having a great evening at the ball game...

So, now I am sitting here, watching the Supernanny with a big glass of wine (cheers), thinking that my kid at least is not THAT bad... yeah right!

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  1. (We are ghetto too, my 3 year old sleeps on a mattress on the floor too).

    Sounds like a rough day there. Hugs all around!