Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Ramblings

Wow, I can't believe the last few weeks are over... probably the most stressful time of my life. I was super-busy with my school, my Dad was visiting, trying to work and this pregnancy was kicking my butt.

But I am happy to report, everything is back to normal. Except that we are missing Opa terribly!

My Dad (Opa) was here for 5 weeks and we enjoyed every day of it. Sure it was stressful to have a constant house guest, but it was nice to be able to spend this much time with him and seeing him and Jakey bond. He left last week and since then, Jake is asking every day where his Opa went. Hopefully we will be able to go visit him next summer in Germany. It would be about time!

I am done with school since last Thursday. The last week was extremely stressful, since I was in school every day from 8 am to 9pm! All, my finals are over and I think I did pretty well on most of them. I am still waiting to get my grades back.

I also had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Sarah & Eric. The wedding was small and simple, but the couple was just amazing. They are a perfect fit for each other and I enjoyed meeting them, their families and capture their big day!

We finally have Jakey's asthma and allergies under control. He is on singular, uses an inhaler throughout the day and has a humidifier running during the night. We had a scare with him and his famous spider bite. He still tells everyone that a spider bite him. The problem was that the bite got infected the day before we went to Charleston! The doc prescribed him antibiotics and during our trip he started having hives everywhere. Poor kid was miserable! His skin was red, blotchy and swollen all over and he was in so much pain sitting in his car seat all the way down to SC. To make matter worse, I didn't realize that the antibiotics are given him the hives and continued giving it to him. On our last day it finally dawned on me and we immediately took him off and you could tell a difference within a day. I felt like a total ass..

This pregnancy has been a roller-coaster ride! I felt nausea for the longest time, then I started having horrible crampings and then the bleeding started! It was horrible! Thank God, everything is still okay and it was just a freak thing. But then my hG levels were extremely high and we have been worried about that. High pregnancy levels can mean a multiple of things and sometimes nothing at all. So far we haven't figured out yet what's the problem, but I am scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. I am actually feeling really, really good (no nausea at all), which sometime scares me, but since about a week I have to get up every night to pee... :) and I am taking that as a good sign! Wish us luck for tomorrow!

Tomorrow I am going to let you know how the ultrasound went and tell you about our Charleston trip with Opa!

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  1. Those are some great pictures from the wedding! The one of Jake and Opa is also adorable! So glad they got to hang out, and hopefully you can visit Germany again soon!