Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Out of my hands

Today I sent out my green card application package. It is out of my hands... now I can just pray! Pray that everything will go smoothly and without set backs. I have had some really, really bad experience with things like that and until I hold my green card in my hands it is not over.

This has been a process of 10 years in waiting... yep, this past April 27th I have been here for 10 years. Crazy! Now it is final... the waiting will be over. I will finally be someone here. It is a strange feeling... I am excited but at the same time soooo very nervous! The most I am looking forward to is that I am finally able to leave AND be able to return to the country when I want. I haven't been home in 5 years because of this visa thing... 5 years is a long, long time. But it is time! I am so ready to go home!

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