Friday, May 23, 2008

I am a SAHM and more...

For the first time in Jakeys life I am a real SAHM or Stay at home Mom... and I have to be honest: I LOVE it! Work and money are overrated! LOL
Usually I am either in school, working or sometimes both. This truly the first time where I am not in school and not working. Yeah, here and there I have a wedding, but that's like every two weeks...
I am actually able to keep him on a schedule... I have time again for play dates and field trips. Today I signed him up for swim lessons at Coney Island, we went to the Aquarium and next week we are getting a zoo membership. I also have time to do crafts and projects I have been meaning to do in a loooong time. Yesterday we planted a sunflower field and I made ankle bracelets for us (which he won't wear), and I have a special project surprise planned for him that I will start next week. Last night we went to McDonald's playground from 7pm to 9pm... we had so much fun and who cares about bedtime... :)
I am telling you, I could get used to this!

On a bad note... the boy had poison ivy! EVERYWHERE! When I say everywhere I mean everywhere. His lips, fingers, toes... it is just awful. But he is taking oral steroids and it seems to do the trick. I will spare you from pictures.

But here are a few more from our trip to Charleston:

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