Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a week...

This week has been CRAZY!!! Not only is my Dad her for 5 weeks, but I also found out that we are expecting, I have to get tons of paperwork together for my green card application and taxes. I also have school (of course) and started again having a few photo shoots.
This past Wednesday I had my first twins shoot. 2 boys, 3 months old and waaay to cute! Made me start thinking how great it would be to have two... I know, lets get back to reality! Anyways the twins were awesome and I got some great photos.

Today we went first to a friends 3rd Birthday Party. Jake had a blast... even though he was the only boy at their age. So, a lot of Disney Princess presents, balloons, cake, goodies, etc. What a day for Disney!

After the part we went to the Kite Festival with Opa, Nina and Ben. I didn't expect us actually buying a kite and flying it... but it was great! Actually kite flying has been on top of my list of things that I want to do with Jake. I have some great memories flying and building our own kites with my Dad. And to share this day with him and my son was something I am not going to forget. Jake got his own kite and did a GREAT job flying it. But see for yourself

and why not... here are a few more!

Here are the boy's kites. They are the perfect size for them and of course have a t-rex on them.


And who says boys don't kiss?!?

On our way home we stopped at Ikea, had Swedish meatballs and let the boys play at Smaland... note to myself: Don't go to Ikea on the weekends! - On our way out we noticed a lady counting the people leaving the store and my Dad asked her how many she counted so far.... 17,500!!! IN ONE DAY!!!! Crazy!

On Monday I have my first midwives appointment and will find out our Due Date. So far I am feeling pretty good and it still hasn't hit us yet that we are having a baby... maybe that will change on Monday!

Have a nice weekend!